Get Ready for Winter Grilling

No need to stick to the indoor oven and stove when preparing your winter meals. This winter, get ready for some winter grilling! That’s right, whether or not you have outdoor kitchen equipment, grilling in cold weather is not only possible, it’s enjoyable. So as you get out there and break out your snow shovels, put on your winter gear and dig out after a big storm, don’t forget to dust off your grill!

Winter Grilling Tips

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A Journey Into My Past

At heart, I am and will always be a “Ranger”. This means I was born and raised on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota, specifically Virginia, Minnesota. At the time I was growing up, the iron ore mines were still very productive and the Iron Range cities were thriving. Virginia was a small (population 17,000) but vibrant city, with enough jobs and wealth to provide its children with good schools and other cultural opportunities..

My family was one of about 50 Jewish families in Virginia and we all belonged to B’nai Abraham, the small synagogue that had been built by my grandparents’ generation. Both inside and out, the synagogue resembled the small structures they had left behind in Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Germany. But every Jewish family had given their children what most of the first immigrants had not been able to afford – a college education and usually, a profession that meant they would never again live in Virginia. Thus, the Jewish families had almost entirely disappeared from the Iron Range and the small synagogue had fallen into disrepair.

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Pure Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

Pure essential oils can be costly, but are they worth the added expense when compared to fragrance oils? To answer this question, you have to understand the differences of not only how they are made, but what the intended purpose is.

Fragrance oils are oils that are made specifically for scent. They are created to provide a nice aroma to your environment. They are typically long lasting and can smell very delicious, appealing, or whatever they were formulated for. The molecules of the fragrance oils are larger and tend not to evaporate as readily. If your only concern is sprucing up the environment for your olfactory nerve then fragrance oils are the route you most likely want to take as they last longer, come in hundreds and thousands of scents, and they typically are considerably less expensive.

The latter, on the other hand have many other uses and are created entirely different. They do not use synthetic ingredients. They are the essence of the plant they are obtained from. Typically they are steam distilled, although most of the citrus ones are cold pressed. There are other methods to achieve the essential oils from the plants but those are the most common.

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Choosing the Best Home Care for Your Loved One

What to look for when choosing a care services for your loved one?

Home care is the service given to someone who can no longer attend to his or her own needs. Most people who are in need of caring are those with already have failing health due to sickness or changing conditions in their lifestyle. This kind of service is provided in-home to make sure that you or your loved one is well attended while still performing the activities of daily living.

Home care is the term given to differentiate it from non-medical care or custodial care. This is the kind of supportive care that is given by persons who are not nurses or doctors but licensed healthcare professionals or professional caregivers.

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