A Letter From Our President

My husband Horace Hagedorn died in January 2005 at 89 years of age. Horace was notable for a great deal more than his longevity. He was a devoted philanthropist and the marketing genius behind Miracle-Gro plant food, perhaps the best-known product in the gardening industry.

When asked for business advice, Horace was fond of saying, “Find a need and fill it.” He applied this motto to his wide-ranging philanthropic activities, giving to countless community and charitable projects with an eye toward bringing about meaningful results.

The Horace Hagedorn Foundation’s mission is to support and promote social equity on Long Island. The foundation will embody the philanthropic interests Horace energetically embraced during his lifetime. Viewing philanthropy as a way to “be good, do good and look good,” Horace never shunned the spotlight. As a result, a number of Long Island schools, community centers and other projects bear his name. A considerable portion of Horace’s grantmaking took place through a donor-advised fund at the Long Island Community Foundation, which will continue providing annual grants to numerous nonprofit ventures.

The Horace Hagedorn Foundation is further extending Horace’s legacy of generosity, good will and optimism by promoting the well-being of Long Island’s diverse communities and local environments. I feel honored and privileged to lead the Horace Hagedorn Foundation in advancing these worthwhile goals.